Terms and Conditions


1.0 Definitions

1.1 CRM - Customer Requirements Management.

1.2 SaaS - Software as a Service.

1.3 Lessee - Company paying for the service.

1.4 Lessor - Vivid Ventures LLC - Company providing the service.

1.5 Deleted - Permanent removal. Not retrievable. Gone forever.

1.6 SSL - Secure Socket Layer

1.7 Open Source - 

2.0 Terms

2.1 Payment amount determined by the plan selected and additional
    services requested by Lessee in online or paper Order Form.

2.2 Method of payment will be by bank check via recurring auto bill
    pay made out to Lessor.

2.3 Payment is due on the first of each month, and is for the
    preceding month of service provided.
    Please date the check shipment to allow delivery time.

2.4 Mail payments and correspondence to:

     Vivid Ventures LLC
     2661 N Pearl ST #367
     Tacoma WA 98407-2424

2.5 Length of the contract will be month to month.

2.6 Cancellation of the service can be made in writing by paper
    mail or by e-mail at any time by Lessee.  All previous amounts
    due for services provided will still be due after the
    cancellation notice.

2.7 Service Termination
    Upon service termination Lessee will have no more access to
    the Lessee's data stored in the CRM system.  It is the Lessee's
    obligation to plan and complete any data migration or
    extraction prior to terminating the service contract. Within
    sixty days of termination, Lessor will delete Lessee's data.

2.8 This CRM service will be provided only to businesses or
    non-profit organizations licensed to operate in their state.

2.9 Failure to pay within 15 days of the due date may result in
    Service Termination unless Lessor receives written email or
    paper mail communication from Lessee indicating an intent to
    pay.  Accounts 60 days past due will be terminated regardless
    of intent to pay.

2.10 Rate Changes.   At Lessor's option and depending upon market
     conditions, rate changes may occur in January and in July.
     Changes will be announced around thirty days in advance, on
     1-Decmeber and on 1-May.


3.0 Conditions

3.1 Software Source
    The software provided is downloaded open source software.
    The software writers advertise features on their website.
    Some features work as advertised and some do not.  The
    Lessor has made an effort to test and provide the modules
    that are working properly.

3.2 Privacy - Lessee's data will be stored on a server housed in a
    secure facility accessed via the internet by SSL transmission.
    It is mandatory that proprietary, confidential, secret and top
    secret information not be stored on this system.  Lessor will
    have administrative access to all data in order to maintain
    and assist with management of Lessees services.  Lessor will
    not use, disseminate, resell or otherwise share Lessees data..

3.2 Backup

3.3 Inherited Terms and Conditions.
    By agreeing to this contract there are several layers of terms
    that are inherited from the hardware and software providers.
    See appendix for:
      Hosting terms
      Open source - 

3.4 Supplied Data

3.4.1 The Lessee understands that each CRM solution is delivered
    empty of any propective customer data, and that it is the
    responsibility of the Lessee to aquire, provide or enter
    their own data at the Lessees expense.

3.4.2 The Lessee may request that the Lessor assist with
    populating the database for an additional fee agreed upon
    in advance.

3.5 Other Service
    Other data, programming and web related services provided  by
    the Lessor at the request of the Lessee will be charged in
    addition to the monthly lease amount.


4.0 Warranty

Appendix - Inherited Terms and Conditions