Organizing the business process to improve income and efficiency

Start by defining your business model and analyzing the product or service mix. Aquire a list of prospects, then qualify them as customers and prioritize your contact with them according to the product mix. Contact each customer, determine the need and ask for the sale. Deliver the product or service, invoice the customer and then pay your suppliers. Evaluate the process, find the steps that need improvement and repeat. Does this sound like your business?

Once the business leaders have decided that software will help with the organization, the next step is to evaluate and choose a brand and a provider. Vivid Ventures CRM is a provider of open-source requirements management software supplied as a value added service for a fee to small and medium size businesses such as yours. Our demonstration database is available for you to peruse with the login: guest and password: guest.

The CRM is grouped into modules that correspond with your everyday routines, such as calendar and contact list and with business processes such as tracking a sales opportunity. There is also interactive capability from a form on your website to allow customers to submit service requests and new lead contact requests.

Once you own a login, the software must be set up to match your business process flow. The organization chart and permisions must be defined, drop down menus should have your product names entered, customer lists must be imported, etc. In addition to the CRM service we offer value added data base setup, employee training, data entry, call center integration, and paper mail service coordination of marketing campaigns.

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